Will using Paddle Logger affect my data plan?

No, Paddle Logger operates by recording GPS signals on your phone, having the added benefit that you don't need phone signal for Paddle Logger to track your journey. You will need an internet signal to record the correct location at the end of your trip. However if you have no signal at the end of a journey you can manually edit some trip details. A connection is also required when projecting the journey onto a map, when out of range it will project onto a grid until you have access to an internet signal


Paddle Logger isn't recording my location - what should I do?

When you first use Paddle Logger you will be asked whether you give permission to use Location Services. If you select no or find at any time Paddle Logger is unable to find your location simply do the following:

Settings > Privacy > Location Services > Scroll to Paddle Logger > Set Location Access to Always


I want some cool stickers, how do I get my hands on some?

Our stickers are awesome. They ship free with any purchase from our online store. They are also available here, with free shipping within the US.


Can I share my journeys to Social Media?

Yes! We really want to see all your sessions and adventures, press the share button on any trip to be taken through the super easy process! If you cannot see your chosen platform on the list simply swipe across to the More button. The next menu allows you to review which accounts you have set up on your phone that Paddle Logger can access.

If you want to make your own post or share to a particular group we recommend taking a screen shot of what you wish to share (hold the Home and Lock buttons simultaneously) and upload the photos direct - just remember to tag us (@paddlelogger // #paddlelogger).


Will Paddle Logger suck the life out of my iPhone's battery?

No! While we cannot guarantee that using the app will not use your battery faster, we have found in testing that actually provided you remember to lock the screen after you start the app, it doesn't really have an affect! We have managed 7-8 hour trips comfortably.

I need to reset my phone/delete and re-download the app, how do I keep my logged trips?

While we are working on getting cloud integration and the ability to store data on a server away from your phone. If for some reason you need to reset your phone or delete and re-download the app but do not wish to lose your logged journeys, please follow the following instructions

1. Select your device in iTunes

2. Select Apps

3. Scroll down the panel on the right to find a list of apps under the heading File Sharing

4. Select Paddle Logger

5. Select all Paddle Logger files and save to a folder on your desktop

6. Reset phone

7. Re-install Paddle Logger

8. Repeat 1-4

9. Select all Paddle Logger Files visible in iTunes and delete

10. Then click Add to

11. Select all files saved to desktop

12. Sync device