A short note from Comms

Greetings! Tom here. As the Communications wing of Paddle Logger, I thought I'd introduce myself through the medium of a short example trip I took today. In an exercise to test Paddle Logger on the Apple Watch, we took a kayak down to the shore opposite Falmouth, the charming village of Flushing.

With some cover on this side of the water from some gusty wind, I chucked the Apple Watch on, got the fishing rod ready and launched off. The weather in Cornwall is notoriously fickle, but we lucked out with a respite from the recent drizzle and dreary skies. There is collective sigh of relief in Cornwall when the wind and rain are evidently starting to ebb away. Following a good paddle on the water it seemed a good moment to do a few casts with the fishing rod. I caught nothing, but they say it isn't the point.

Testing and bug fixing is really important to us, and we work hard to keep a consistent service, communicate and find solutions. Testing is also the best excuse for getting outside.

Until next time!

Captain's Blog!

Hi everybody! With the winter lifting here in the Northern Hemisphere, and the odd warm day in Falmouth, I have been able to get back out on the water more regularly. I thought it would be good to tell you about a mini adventure I recently did and how easy it is to use the Paddle Logger app to keep a record of your experiences!

I am lucky to live alongside the estuary and have a view back across Falmouth Harbour towards the docks. Being the third deepest natural harbour in the world, we tend to get some big and interesting boats in! On the day of this trip the conditions looked absolutely perfect to get out on the water. So with a quick change, and a check that my iSUP was to pressure, I hot footed it down to my nearest put-in. Once there I set up the app, a quick 15 second countdown, stowed my iPhone and jumped on the water! My plan was to just switch off and head towards the centre of the harbour. Paddling along the back of all the historical buildings in the High Street and on towards the Lifeboat Station, you get to see the town from a different perspective. Being on the water is a great relaxer for me and offers a great escape from work, e-mails, constant messages and noise of day-to-day life.

Paddle Logger is about enhancing this escapism and your experience on the water by providing an unobtrusive tracking solution. That being said of course, we know that our users do more than just escape on the water and we have incorporated more detail into your journeys readout. This year we plan to build on this even further while still retaining our signature elegant style - I'll come back to this.

Anyway, back to the trip. Once I had got to my destination I got off the water, pressed end trip and I packed away. I went back into the app to the Digital Logbook to view where I had been, what I had seen and whether my off season fitness was as poor as I had felt! After being pleasantly surprised with my performance I did think I should share this trip on Facebook - which is made super easy with the direct integration. My mum likes to know where I have been!

A great little local trip showing how easy Paddle Logger is to use and how adventures can be found on your doorstep. Moving into 2018 we have got some exciting plans. Over the winter we have had some issues with the Apple Watch, fixes have been released and if others pop up we are straight on the bug squashing to get you guys back on the water as soon as possible. In terms of upgrades, we have some really cool app developments which those of you who are into your performance training will love. Best of all these will be released as part of a new system that will retain the simplicity and design ethos that we know our users love. Finally we will soon be able to announce a new suite of software that will be available cross platforms for all the adventurers and power users out there!

So, grab the app by following the link below and we would love to see the adventures you get up to!



Introducing Kiko Matthews and Transatlantic 2018


Today, we are proud to announce that Paddle Logger is supporting sports woman and all-round adventurer, Kiko Matthews. In January 2018, Kiko will be rowing solo across the Atlantic. It is a staggering 3000 mile crossing that only five women have completed, and she hopes to break the world record of 56 days by 11 days.

Kiko is a strong and inspirational voice in the empowerment of women in sports, promoting personal strength and self-confidence, and her own story is one of overcoming obstacles and facing challenges head-on.

We have commissioned artist Daisy Pooley-Tolkien to design three unique t-shirts, the profits of which will go towards Kiko's transatlantic crossing. Daisy's work encompasses vivid depictions of the female form in reference to female figures of oceanic myth. The Norse Goddess, Rán, who captured sailors in peril on the water, the famous Sirens of Greek myth who sang enchanting songs to lure the hapless, and finally La Sirene, one of the Haitian spirits, a powerful and regaled goddess of the sea.

We will keep you updated on news of the preparations for Kiko's 2018 challenge, but in the mean time, you can support her by picking up the t-shirts from our merch store.

Find out more about Kiko Matthews and the Transatlantic Solo 2018 Challenge at www.kikomatthews.co.uk/the-challenge

Find out more about Daisy Pooley-Tolkien's art at www.dpooley-tolkien.com

December merch news

You could be fooled that it had been December for weeks already, but it is actually here. To coincide with the manner of the season, we have our range of Paddle Logger clothing available. With this comes a little list of dates that are important to know in the Postal Service's most dreaded month.

There is free UK shipping on 2nd and 3rd December and the 6th is the last day to post outside the UK and EU.

Further into the month, the 13th is the last post to the EU, the 19th is the last UK standard delivery, the 20th the last UK First Class and the 21st is the last UK Special Delivery.

There is, however, another free UK shipping weekend on the 16th or 17th.

So, if you fancy gifting yourself one of our stylish t-shirts or feel it'd be the perfect gift for a paddling friend, then go ahead! And this is the perfect time to hint that a new range of t-shirts will be appearing imminently through a collaboration between sports-adventurer Kiko Matthews, artist Daisy Pooley-Tolkien and us here at Paddle Logger. We'll keep you all in the loop!

Head over to our "Buy" page to visit the store and stay warm when paddling these crisp winter waters.


A first for Fistral

Saturday November 4th was a first for Fistral Beach in Newquay, Cornwall, where it held its first stand up paddle boarding surf championship round. Run by BSUPA, under the watchful eye of event director Dom Moore, a talented group of women and men braved the difficult conditions on this legendary beach. The onshore wind peaked at a howling 30 knots that created exhausting paddling conditions for most of the day.

The women, including Cal Major from Paddle Against Plastic and the UK Women's Champion Marie Buchanan, took to the water first in two straight, highly competitive heats. In the men's group, Paddle Logger paddler Aaron Rowe won his opening heat, then the quarter final, to take him to the head-to-head knock out rounds. Beating Ben Fisher in a charged semi-final. Aaron caught one of the stand-out waves of the day from far-out, demonstrating his aggressive style with tight, connecting turns and forcing the best out of the tough conditions, all the way to the beach as the klaxon went.

The men's final pitted Aaron against Max Shepherd as the waves, although marginally better, pushed the two to the best of their game. In the end, however, Aaron came out on top, securing the British Championship title and making him two times UK champion. It was great to see the talent involved in the competition and the camaraderie at the prize-giving at The Headland Hotel. With thanks to Lewis Timson and the RNLI to making sure all involved were safe, we would like to congratulate all the paddlers involved in the series.