Introducing Kiko Matthews and Transatlantic 2018


Today, we are proud to announce that Paddle Logger is supporting sports woman and all-round adventurer, Kiko Matthews. In January 2018, Kiko will be rowing solo across the Atlantic. It is a staggering 3000 mile crossing that only five women have completed, and she hopes to break the world record of 56 days by 11 days.

Kiko is a strong and inspirational voice in the empowerment of women in sports, promoting personal strength and self-confidence, and her own story is one of overcoming obstacles and facing challenges head-on.

We have commissioned artist Daisy Pooley-Tolkien to design three unique t-shirts, the profits of which will go towards Kiko's transatlantic crossing. Daisy's work encompasses vivid depictions of the female form in reference to female figures of oceanic myth. The Norse Goddess, Rán, who captured sailors in peril on the water, the famous Sirens of Greek myth who sang enchanting songs to lure the hapless, and finally La Sirene, one of the Haitian spirits, a powerful and regaled goddess of the sea.

We will keep you updated on news of the preparations for Kiko's 2018 challenge, but in the mean time, you can support her by picking up the t-shirts from our merch store.

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