A short note from Comms

Greetings! Tom here. As the Communications wing of Paddle Logger, I thought I'd introduce myself through the medium of a short example trip I took today. In an exercise to test Paddle Logger on the Apple Watch, we took a kayak down to the shore opposite Falmouth, the charming village of Flushing.

With some cover on this side of the water from some gusty wind, I chucked the Apple Watch on, got the fishing rod ready and launched off. The weather in Cornwall is notoriously fickle, but we lucked out with a respite from the recent drizzle and dreary skies. There is collective sigh of relief in Cornwall when the wind and rain are evidently starting to ebb away. Following a good paddle on the water it seemed a good moment to do a few casts with the fishing rod. I caught nothing, but they say it isn't the point.

Testing and bug fixing is really important to us, and we work hard to keep a consistent service, communicate and find solutions. Testing is also the best excuse for getting outside.

Until next time!