enhance your experience on the water
Paddle Logger Mobile App, iPhone and Apple watch
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watersports tracking with innovation

Paddle Logger brings you quality features delivered in a beautiful easy to use package that can help you be a better paddler.

We want to enhance your experience on the water, encouraging you to explore further and paddle harder!

All while using hardware you already own.


paddle with purpose

We know users love to get out on the water and it can be a real escape, we also understand the benefits of being able to know how far you have been and view analytics about your session.

Whether you are training, on a multi-day expedition or having fun trying to beat your mates Paddle Logger is for you!

We have deep Apple Health integration - which means that when you complete a trip using your Apple Watch your health rings will fill up! Achieving your fitness goals.


built for Apple Watch

We recommend taking your mobile device with you on the water as a form of communication should you get into difficulty.

Sometimes the only dry bag you may have could be on your board or in your kayak. So it can be a pain to view your progress.

The only paddle app built for Apple Watch you can see distance and heart rate on with just a flick of your wrist.

In 2018 we were recognised by Apple as being one of the top 3 Apps for Apple Watch.

Paddle Logger Edition: Enhance your experience on the water

Get more from your paddling with Edition. Whilst out on the water have access to pins to mark points of interest along your journey. View them alongside photos you may have taken as you now have access to the full capability of the Digital Logbook to record all your experiences. Get access to enhanced data outputs in your Trip Details screen and enjoy customisable Trip Maps with satellite imaging to bring your journey to life. Got lots of challenges and adventures on the go? Create custom folders to track your training and goals. Plus you will have access to further features released as part of Paddle Logger Edition for the length of your subscription.


Download today

Paddle Logger is available to download now for free on the App Store. Get access to tracking and see how far you have been paddling! Want access to more? Check out our subscription options, where you will unlock the full potential of Paddle Logger including access to new features as and when they are released!

Paddle Logger; Paddle Boarding App is the perfect way to log your time on the water
— SUPconnect.com

Who are we?

This project was started a number of years ago with Standup Paddleboarder David Walker struggling to find an affordable way to get the data he wanted from his trips. Without getting sucked into a world of analytics. Simple tracking for his adventures. Meeting developer Lewis Smith through a friend was the catalyst to get working on the first iterations of Paddle Logger…

It wasn’t until a few years later that we realised the real power of what we had created. All of a sudden Paddle Logger stopped becoming a thing we did on the side to help fund our lifestyles on the water and working around the world respectively.

We all carry around devices with incredible amounts of potential, we want to harness this potential to make the most of this and provide services that help make you a better paddler. While retaining the core idea that made Paddle Logger so useful in the first place, simplicity.


CEO, David Walker

CEO, David Walker

CTO, Lewis Smith

CTO, Lewis Smith


and that’s it - for the moment it’s just us!