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Bringing innovative and unique features to your iPhone and Apple Watch alongside simple and accessibility driven design, Paddle Logger allows you to explore and escape on the water safe in the knowledge your trip is accurately being recorded.

Whether you are training for a season of racing, heading out on a multi-day expedition or just getting on the water having fun with your mates, Paddle Logger is the app for you.

Paddle Logger Tracking

tracking with innovation

Paddle Logger is an easy to use tracking application with lots of innovative features designed specifically for water sports.

The large start/stop button with a unique - delay, stow, and go - means you can start your trip and then safely stow your phone.

All this can be done on dry land before getting out on the water or having to battle through surf, reducing risk of water damage to your device and improving the accuracy of your trip data.

Paddle Logger Apple Watch Tracking

apple watch

Concerned about taking your iPhone on the water? If you own the Apple Watch 2 or later you can leave your phone on land.

With HealthKit integration, journeys on the water go towards filling up your movement rings.

Water Lock is integrated to improve touch screen usability. To bypass this and rapidly pause and resume your trip simply press the Digital Crown and Side Button simultaneously.

Edital Logbook Paddle Logger

editable logbook

Once you are off the water, your trip is turned into an entry in the digital logbook. Here you can sort your trips into folders, edit the name of trips, view the trip map and any photos you have taken while on the water, as well as add any trip notes.

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We want you to share your experiences with your fellow paddlers as well as all your friends, either in person or online.

Each log can be shared to social media or via text or e-mail from within the app. We don't want to restrict you to one platform, so go ahead and share in the way you prefer.

Paddle Logger; Paddle Boarding App is the perfect way to log your time on the water
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